Guitar Strap Users

‎Joe Berger is a NYC guitarist/engineer with over 38 years of professional experience. He played with rock and jazz legends including John Entwistle, Jack Bruce, Billy Cobham, Jon Anderson, Vangelis, Jon Hammond, Teruo Nakamura & mixed over 35,000 shows, hundreds of albums, and 30 years of trade show performances.

       Per Joe, the CDB Guitar Strap he uses is the most comfortable he has ever used

Teruo Nakamura is a bassist and producer with extensive credentials since the late ’60s performing & recording with jazz legends including Stanley Turrentine, Roy Haynes, Herbie Hancock, George Benson, Steve Grossman, and hundreds more producing over 40 albums, many for his Cheetah label in Japan. He has also been involved in many charity concert events in NY & in Japan over the last 25 years.

Mark Hitt, legendary NYC guitarist with over 40 years of professional experience, played/recorded with many rock icons including John Entwistle, Jack Bruce, John Bonham, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, and was a long time member of Rat Race Choir with Steve Luongo (who later became Entwistle’s drummer). Mark has been an inspiration for many legendary rock guitarists.

Barry Finnerty has a long list of album credits including Brecker Bros., Miles Davis, The Crusaders, Village People, Carl Palmer, and several solo albums & 2 books. He has performed live with all of the above & many more including BB King, Cornell Dupree, Jon Hammond, Teruo Nakamura & has been featured in Guitar World Magazine.

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