Guitar Strap Ends Prototypes

These are two different Seat Belt Weave prototypes I have been working on. The one at left is a 4-band polyester and the one of the right is a 5-band nylon. Both are incredibly durable, but of the two, the nylon is better. It is harder to cut (and work with) and is black through-and-through. The polyester is black coloring laid onto white stock and after cutting has to be touched up to maintain a consistent color. The polyester is easier to cut and work with.

One lesson learned is hand cutting sharp curves, like the one at left is easy to do but trimming any excess away is a major pain and leaves rough edges. Later on I hope to have a hand press to stamp out the pieces for a more consistent look. I’m still working on the press design. The tools I use are not commercially available and I have to make them as I figure out what I need.

These are proof-of-concept designs to show what custom designs I can do now and where my standard designs will go in the future. I call these designs, “the finger”, no, not that one, but as if you’re holding a finger to say, “we’re number one”


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