My belt

This is my personal belt utilizing one of my unreleased patterns. 

I matched it up with a buckle I have had since 1985. When I returned to AZ in 85 I was dirt poor and I would window shop at MetroCenter. There was this small shop in a back corner and they had these two buckles I decided I’d buy the first chance I got when I wasn’t so poor, the one shown and a snakeskin one. And a few months later I did, but not at the same time. The AZ one meant a lot to me then because it marked starting over and being on my own without a safety net
The snakeskin one I wear a lot, but the AZ is my “show off” buckle and I don’t wear it a lot. It also gets tarnished of the silver and gold it is made of.
There are three things I cherish from that time, the two belt buckles and a kachina I bought even before the buckles. I have come full circle to that time, trying to pick myself up off the floor and get going with a life. But it is all different now, being older and all. I finished out that old life with almost dying last December and I really need to get this new life in gear, so I am pulling out the old totems and see if they want a place in the new life 🙂
Belt copy
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