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BCTD Guitar Strap

A brand new custom design for the band, “BCTD” from CDB Guitar Straps. It’s a one-of-kind design utilizing the artwork from BCTD’s first album, “Sessions at the Cave”, and is only available from BCTD. The strap is completely modular, you

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Complete Snake Strap

Here is a picture of the completed snake strap. The ends are snakeskin over a non-tear base with the head liftable to attach the strap end to the guitar. The head section is both bonded to the lower section and

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Snakeskin Guitar Strap Ends

Officially available now are the non-tear guitar strap ends that have use exotic, but legal, materials such as unique leathers or snakeskin. The process, patent pending, utilizes a non-tear base that the exotic material is bonded to. These strap ends

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