Hybrid Guitar/Shoulder Strap

Inherent in the modular design of the strap, it is possible not only to swap out guitar strap ends, but ends of other types, such as shoulder strap ends. It is also inherent for the strap body to be swapped end-for-end to convert it from there standard right-hand orientation to a left-hand orientation.

For a get together of people who went to the same high school, as a door prize, I worked up such a strap. All that was required was to create a template for cutting the leather pieces. The rest was no more then working up a guitar strap with the modular design.

Only two will be made per year, each for the alumni get together and not available either as this design or a one-off     

A multi-purpose, hybrid, strap. It has a set of strap ends to attach to a bag and a set of ends that can be swapped out for to use the strap as a guitar strap. It takes just a few minutes and a flat-head screwdriver to make the change.

If you want, it could even be used as a camera strap using the strap ends for a bag by adding split rings to your camera. The strap is also reversible for wearing over either shoulder or even for right or left-handed people. 

You get the strap, two sets of strap ends, a set of split rings and a gym bag as the door prize


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