Nomad pattern and strap for sale

Luggage bags, messenger bags, large purses – it’s really great to have an over-the-shoulder strap to sling the bag with. But, like Henry Ford’s first cars, they are all one color – black – with a few exceptions. Even those exceptions are solid colors.

And like Henry Ford’s Model-T, the material used is usually rather unexceptional – uncomfortable. Where it might rub causes irritation and you wish you could get something better

So the question is why have this when you can buy an aftermarket shoulder strap is colorful, expressive AND comfortable.

Shown here is the Nomad Shoulder Strap from CDB Straps. As you can see, all the important design details are highlighted so they can easily be compared with other straps.

Think you’d like one but you have a fixed strap now? Most bags can be retro-fitted and have D-rings added. CDB Straps even includes a set of D-rings to use in the retro-fitting.

It’s best to take your bag and the D-rings to a professional tailor or seamstress to have the rings added

And one last thing . . . . this pattern has gone out of production. It is the last one of it’s kind and will only last till someone (YOU!) buys it.

Available at Etsy and eBay – eBay is an auction rather then buy now to judge interest



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