BCTD Strap, guitar & shoulder

Using the album cover art created by Cherie Grampp for the BCTD album, “Sessions At The Cave”, CDB Straps created the strap body and strap ends at the request of Joe Berger, guitarist for BCTD.

On occasion, Joe has used these strap ends with other CDB Straps guitar straps when performing.

One example is using the strap ends with the Eventide guitar strap that was created by CDB Straps. The BCTD strap ends used were a special “buckle” version of the BCTD end created for Joe to thank him for his support.

The modular design makes it easy to replace worn ends or swap out different designs to suit the mood, occasion or need.

The BCTD Strap is also available with shoulder strap ends. There is also matched set of guitar and shoulder straps. The matched set makes a nice present for friends or yourself

Available online or at select retailers . . . . if you don’t see it, ask for it and mention CDB Straps

Screen Shot 2014 04 11 at 1 35 21 PM

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