Patterned Replacement Guitar Strap Ends

Unique, expressive, without equal – CDB Straps replacement guitar strap ends.

In most cases, whether original or replacement, the best you can expect from replacement ends in leather, either black or brown, is a special shape or embossing to make the strap end stand out. But what if you want something that really stands out and grabs heads; something that makes people remember you after you’re done performing and looking for your next gig?

That is what CDB Straps offers – something that turns heads.

Being a Rock’n’Roll star is not all glitter, it’s quality, too.

Each strap end has a brass-plated metal loop to connect the end to the strap.

• Rivets are used to enhance the appearance of the ends.

• Each end is 5+ inches long so the rivets never rub your guitar

• The material of the strap end is a soft polyester weave.

• Each end is hand cut and no two are exactly alike.

Although designed for a modular guitar strap, these ends could be used with a standard guitar strap by re-fitting the lead end. Since the modular design is patented, a license is required, but that comes with each set of ends for one (1) guitar strap

Don’t want to worry about licences and just want to play? Upon request, one strap end of the pair can be swapped out for a sew-on replacement end of the same pattern. Getting the sew-on replacement end sewn on will be the users responsiblity and CDB Straps recommends contacting a local upholstery shop or seamstress to do the work.        


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