Japan Guitar Strap

Joe Berger will be performing in Tokyo, Japan with Mark Murdoch from Oct 11 to 19, 2014 and for the occasion Joe will have a new custom guitar strap from CBD Straps. The strap will have not one, but two sets of strap ends for the occasion.

One set honoring the rugged mountains of Japan along with the ancient religion of Japan, Shinto. The second set is genuine snakeskin laid over a reinforcing layer to make them durable and as long-lasting. The snakeskin ends will be making their world debut in Japan.


The strap has much symbolism.

Where you see the bridges come together you see what appears to be the rising sun of the Japanese flag. But with a closer look, the red ball in the center is blue and has a ring of stars and you can envision the American flag with the it field of stars on blue with red and white stripes.

This symbolizes the friendship and deep ties Japan and America have today. 

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