The Guitar Series of Straps, new for 2015

The Guitar Series of CDB Straps.

This is where it began, before the “Spirit Series” of straps, with the strap shown at left with the name “Steve Allsopp” on it. It was with that strap that I had the idea of using guitar artwork (Design Patent pending) to create straps and how to personalize the straps.

First, these straps are not just for use with guitars. They are dual-purpose straps; they can be either guitar or shoulder strap. And, as mentioned, they can be personalized.

They can have a person’s name on the strap

They can have a band’s name on the strap

They can have a company’s name on the neck

And, in addition, straps for a company would have the company logo.

For straps being sold by a third party, they would be branded to that company.

These straps are modular, which means you can easily swap out the strap ends – or even the purpose. If you want to upgrade the appearance of the strap ends by having ends that are decorated with a concho or embossing of some kind like initials or logo, you can. You just purchase the necessary replacement ends.

And for anyone, you can convert the strap from right to left-handed just as easily.

And the strap purpose? That can be changed from guitar to shoulder strap by just swapping out the ends (Patent Pending). You’re never at a loss for having what you want when you want it. Or, for companies, having the stock you want.

For a company, you stock the strap with the artwork you want along with the strap ends separately, and when ordered, you assemble the strap and ship it off. No more need to have both guitar and shoulder straps in stock, No more need to have a manufacturer make special orders (and charge you more). You are in charge.

A company can offer customization using CDB Straps that no other company can offer. Then combine that with the guitar art, you have an unbeatable combination.

In general, since the guitars are digital artwork, the only limit is the imagination for creating “guitars” never before seen, like the artwork at lower right with the “sunburst” around the echo chamber hole. And much harder to see, there is the ring inside the sunburst.

So, the only limit is the imagination for creating a strap.

For a guitar company, you can designate a specific guitar to be used . . . . either the flagship of the company line or if you’re introducing a new line, use that guitar as the artwork.

No matter what your need – musician needing a guitar strap or someone that needs a shoulder strap – CDB Straps has what you need whether you are an individual, a band or a company. These straps are not only meant as souvenirs, they are to be straps people want and what to show off.


CDB Straps – Empowering the customer with choices they didn’t have before

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