Amy’s Bass Guitar Strap

Shown here is the custom guitar strap CDB Straps made for Amy Madden’s Norwegian bass guitar which was designed and built by Tor Arne Engdal. The person modeling the strap is Amy herself. You can catch Amy performing in and around New York City. You can contact Tor for one of his wonderful, one-of-a-kind guitars via email or his Facebook page. Tor lives in Norway and formerly was with Futhark Guitars.

About the strap design: The wing design just above the pickup contain’s a “V” which can be interpreted as “victory”, “Valhalla” or “Valkyrie”. As for me, because of who the strap is for, I choose “Valkyrie”. The neck, obviously, has Amy’s name “underneath” the guitar strings just above the guitar “body”. The hat at the top of the neck is symbolic of the hat Amy is known for wearing. The musical chords are the opening of George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, which comes from a love of how a bass guitar reaches down, so low, and grabs a person’s heart. And, although not visible here, the opposite end of the guitar strap has the identical guitar art.

The use of a guitar for artwork in a strap is design patent pending. The guitar strap itself is a modular design which means you can easily and quickly swap out the strap ends for alternate guitar strap ends that suit your mood or the occasion. Or you can use strap ends designed for use with a bag and have an entirely different strap as suit your need or desire. 

“CDB Straps, empowering the user with choices they didn’t have before”


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