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Guitar Strap Ends Giveaway

Guitar Straps Ends Giveaway Although designed for the modular guitar strap, these ends will work on any guitar strap that uses loops to connect the strap and strap end. Even those straps that are sewn could use these with a

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New Guitar Strap Ends Designs

The primary business of CDB Straps is guitar and shoulder straps. But to advance the benefits of those guitar and shoulder straps being modular and showing the strap ends are easily replaceable, CDB Straps makes and sells strap ends independent

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Expanded Guitar and Shoulder Strap Ends Options

As a sideline, but integral part, of producing shoulder and guitar straps, is the creation and sale of strap ends. Those sales have been going quite well and I have decided to expand and upgrade the available options. The first

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CDB Straps Display

  This post is about the standalone display of the straps, guitar and shoulder, that CDB Straps offers. The display is intended for use by secondary parties on their store website to advertise and sell CDB designed straps. You can

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Star & Spirit Guitar Straps

  Available at Etsy

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