Expanded Guitar and Shoulder Strap Ends Options

As a sideline, but integral part, of producing shoulder and guitar straps, is the creation and sale of strap ends. Those sales have been going quite well and I have decided to expand and upgrade the available options.

The first phase of the upgrade, the full, selectable addition of the silver concho, can be found for purchase here, and is shown here


The second phase is expanding the choices of conchos, for the guitar ends, from the current one, to an additional 5. There will now be six, all shown here.



The third phase, to go with the new concho options, is a new guitar strap end cut, as shown here.

Untitled 1


The fourth phase, once the guitar ends upgrade is done, I will be starting on the shoulder ends upgrade



The fifth and final phase will be a full custom option – type of material (shown here with snake), length of guitar end, standard or button lock hole and yes or no for concho, and if yes, which concho











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