New Guitar Strap Ends Designs

The primary business of CDB Straps is guitar and shoulder straps. But to advance the benefits of those guitar and shoulder straps being modular and showing the strap ends are easily replaceable, CDB Straps makes and sells strap ends independent of the strap sales . . . . and business has been good.

Business has been good enough that the original guitar strap end now has a version with a concho and a kit version for those that want to make their own strap. Beyond that, a new guitar end is being released, as shown here, with the same options – plain, concho and kit.

Of the secondary market for guitar strap ends, there is nothing like or of the same quality as CDB Straps guitar strap ends., nor can the price be beat. So if you have a guitar strap you want to replace the ends for, or just upgrade the strap’s appearance, check out the selection on Etsy.

A unique way is used to create the strap ends that allows for a wide variety of materials to be used including the exotic, like snakeskin. The strap ends are easy to use and customization is available.

CDB Straps, empowering users with choices they didn’t have before.

Gen2 end

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