Giveaway II – Guitar Strap Ends

Gator Pattern with Concho

To enter the giveaway, send an email with your name to: by Friday, November 11, 2016, by 5pm MST

The guitar strap end is shown here with the concho, a skull wearing a cowboy hat with crossed pistols.

The strap ends themselves are a nylon base with a polyester shell. The poly shell is the gator print pattern. The nylon base makes for a non-tear use and allows for the use of a multitude of materials not usually associated with guitar strap ends.

The polyester shell gives the end it’s distinctive, and very attractive, look unlike any other guitar end seen from anyone else.

The concho is copper-plated and rests on a black reflective base that is spade shaped. A separate image of the concho is shown as an inset image

The overall image of the strap end does not do it justice. The look, and the feel, is hard to distinguish from actual leather. And because of the material used, the pair of ends have a different, but still attractive, look though they use the same shell material. No two sets of these ends will look alike.

The connecting loop is brass and the rivets used are brass-plated. The material is sewn together to give it additional strength to last. These ends are meant to be a prized possession for years to come and something you are proud to use and show off.

The ends are approximately 5 inches long, including connecting loop

There are a few other designs being worked on and they can be seen here:

Custom requests done at minmal cost

CDB Straps: Empowering users with choices they didn’t have before



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