Drum stick sleeve for 4 sticks

A custom order for a sleeve to hold 4 drum sticks:



The body is elastic with a leather cap at the base and for this rendition, a polyester gator skin print cap at the top. The open end has snaps and the body has rivets to secure the edges of the body. The snaps are arranged in such a way that an elastic strap can be snapped on to secure it to a drum while performing to keep the sticks in easy reach if a stick or two gets dropped.

At other times, the sleeve is unsnapped and the body is slid open, accordion-like, to pick a set of sticks to use

Currently, the stick sleeves are by custom order only and come in 2 and 4 stick sleeves. 2 stick sleeves can be a variety of colors



The 4 stick sleeve is limited in colors, in comparison, to green or black and subject to availability. To place an order, contact CDB Straps at straps4u(at)icloud.com

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