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New Guitar Strap Ends – Wine Red

The latest guitar strap and shoulder strap ends from CDB Straps – a rich red wine color that beautifully highlights the brass fittings. These are NOT leather ends, they just look that good. They are nylon & polyester that are

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A Spinner Weaver

CDB Straps not only makes and sells guitar straps and shoulder straps, we sell strap ends, too, to 3rd parties that also make straps. One of those 3rd parties is A Spinner Weaver who makes high quality woven straps and

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Create a Personalized Guitar or Shoulder Strap

Create a personalized guitar strap OR shoulder bag strap The process is simple . . . .     1) Pick a background     2) Pick the guitar art     3) Decide on the name to be added

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Unique Guitar Strap Ends

The unique guitar strap end just got a bit more unique . . . . Before the unique arrowhead design utilized a black shell. Now that material shell is a Alligator print to make the design even more attractive. The

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CDB Straps Philosophy

Why do I sew my strap ends, guitar and shoulder? Peace of mind – mine If you were to cut open a commercially available guitar strap end, you would find all that is holding it together is the stitching, which

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