CDB Straps Philosophy

Why do I sew my strap ends, guitar and shoulder? Peace of mind – mine

If you were to cut open a commercially available guitar strap end, you would find all that is holding it together is the stitching, which the first reason I sew mine, people expect it

But stitching eventually fails and the guitar end comes apart, so you go out and find someone like me who makes replacement ends. But I don’t want mine falling apart, which brings us to the second level of security – I glue the ends together.

But still that is not enough for me and I add another layer of security – the rivets. But the rivets is not the whole story. I have to burn holes through the nylon base and when I do, the nylon melts a bit and fuses. The same for the button hole, burning through the nylon fuses the nylon together.

The fused nylon is not noticeable in the least, but if you were to cut the strap end apart you’d notice when the nylon holds together. You could cut it, but that wouldn’t happen under normal circumstances.

And the final reason for the stitching and the rivets – they look good and don’t look like anyone else’s and they are meant to last, well, forever.

Looks and practicality are the hallmarks of all CDB Strap items.

CDB Straps giving you choices you didn’t have before.

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