CR Best Looms

CDB Straps not only creates straps, it makes the strap ends. Strap ends are also sold to 3rd parties for their own straps and to persons who sell their own straps to other people. CDB Straps is proud to be part of this effort with all-vegan strap ends. 

One of CDB Straps customers, CR Best Looms, posted some images on their Facebook page of their straps and featured some CDB Straps guitar ends.

I took a few of those images, buffed them up a bit with Photoshop and added them below. The CR Best Looms straps are not the only ones available and I encourage you to check out their Facebook page. I used the images that best showed off the guitar strap ends and these are not the limit of what CDB Straps offers on it’s Etsy store.

Of note in the images are the names, these indicate the strap end color or pattern. The cream strap ends, these are a CR Best Looms exclusive and not available otherwise unless CR Best Looms approves.


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