Guitar Strap Ends with Your Choice of Stitching

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CDB Straps has added a new option – your choice of stitching color!

There will be 5 choices – black, gold, red, purple and hot pink – with all thread being nylon. Currently the only available shape is the standard one to measure interest and to make sure the same level of quality can be delivered in a reasonably quick time that CDB Straps has become noted for.

If the “mini-custom” option catches on and is manageable, the arrowhead shape will be added at a future date.

So that a potential customer can fully asses if they are interested and what choices they want to make, a sample of the various colors is stitched into a piece of each type of material and is available upon request at no charge.

There are 4 materials available – black, gator, brown & wine red – with each being vegan acceptable and uses no leather. A nylon base with the fabric shell makes the ends incredibly durable and attractive. And this process allows for the use of colors and patterns not before available in guitar strap ends.

Aside from this mini-custom choice, CDB Straps has a full custom choice of various options including the ability to choose the color and type of shell material used for the strap ends

You can find the mini-custom option at :

You can find the full custom option at:

If you have any questions, whatever time is necessary will be taken to fully answer whatever questions you have.

Depending on the size of order, you can expect shipping within 24 to 48 hours

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