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Updated: Now Available Shoulder End Kits

Previously only the shoulder bag strap ends were available on CDB Straps storefront. That has been changed to offer a choice, the shoulder ends OR a kit that includes the strap ends AND the adjustment buckle. As always, the

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Vegan Guitar Straps and Shoulder Bag Straps

Looking for an all-vegan guitar strap or shoulder bag strap? That is all we make. The strap is a very comfortable polyester weave with a CDB Straps design printed on using the sublimation technique. The fittings are brass or brass-plated

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Joe Berger Guitar Strap

This photo was taken at Odin’s Kro in Gressvickr, Norway by Gudrun Helga Ingolfsdottir of Joe Berger. The cool new guitar is by Tor Arne Engdal. The guitar strap is a custom, one-of-a-kind, created by CDB Straps. Note, on the strap, where the

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Guitar Strap Ends Reviews

   This is the latest review for my Etsy Shop review page that you can check out along with all the other reviews. The black is only one of four colors and one of two shapes for guitar ends   Shoulder Straps

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