Vegan Guitar Straps and Shoulder Bag Straps

Looking for an all-vegan guitar strap or shoulder bag strap? That is all we make.

The strap is a very comfortable polyester weave with a CDB Straps design printed on using the sublimation technique. The fittings are brass or brass-plated for a attractive quality appearance. When purchasing a strap, you get to pick the strap ends. We also offer a custom strap that you can have your name added to

Shown below are just a few choices of our straps. To see the entire collection, go to our website

Poster 11x17


The strap ends, both guitar ends and shoulder ends, look like leather, feel like leather but they aren’t. They are a faux leather fabric which allows for a look to be achieved that even leather can’t at a comparable price. The faux leather shell has a nylon base to give it strength that not even leather can match

Or, if you make your own straps, the strap ends can be purchased separately.

GG Promo Set


Everything CDB Straps makes is available at




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