Small Shoulder Bag Strap End

Awhile back I was asked if I could do a shoulder strap end for strap 1 1/2 inches wide. It was just an inquiry and I put off creating one till now. Shown here is my work up of the small shoulder strap end. I had done a draft version that wasn’t right and I downsized the hook and adjusted the overall size of the strap end body and moved the rivet holes. For this version I added a crystal stud that won’t be on the final version

The strap end body is 1.5” wide and approximately 4.5 inches long. A one inch wide concho can be used with it. The strap end will be available as “made-to-order” only. I will not be carrying any stock as all my time goes to building up a stock of the regular, larger strap ends. For those that order them, it will be 3 days from time of order to shipping unless I need to order something to finish up. But that is only an extra day at most.

You can find the strap end on Etsy at


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