“Mini” Shoulder Bag Strap Ends

Shown here are two varieties of finished examples of the “mini” shoulder ends.

The one at the right uses the gator pattern, black stitching with brass hardware. 

The one at left uses a white fabric with a subdued, fashionable pattern, purple stitching, nickel-plated hardware and a complementary silver concho.

Shoulder ends like this serve two purposes – to add an extension to an existing strap or to use the extra “real estate” to add a concho to add a highlight that adds a personal touch. There are so many different conchos that can be chosen from when searching the internet

The material used is a fabric, not a leather, though it looks it. To feel it you’d think it is leather, it has the same tactile sensation and sense of quality

The “mini” strap ends are designed for a 1.5 inch wide strap and the ends themselves are 1.5 inches wide and approximately 4.5 inches long and intended to complement, not overpower, any strap they are used with. And if the strap you have is so designed, you can swap out different strap ends to give your strap, and what it is hooked to, a different look anytime you want.

CDB Straps – Empowering the user with choices they didn’t have before


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