Brown Arrowhead Guitar Strap End

It has been a long time coming, but finally the brown arrowhead guitar strap end is finally available as a standard listing instead of a custom order.

The brown material has always presented a special problem for a reason i don’t really understand, but it resisted being stitched in a reasonable and predictable way. I have done batches and thrown 90% of the batch away because it wasn’t good enough. And that is just the standard design. The arrowhead . . . . ppfft!

It has been a combination of new sewing machine, different thread, different sewing foot – and most of all – a different way of sewing that finally achieved unity.

I was encouraged by Billie of CR Best Looms to keep at it. I am also extremely grateful for the technical support and patience of a good friend, Cindy Thomas, who kept making suggestions till I got it worked out.

So I have created a listing on for the ends. Take a look, drop me a line about them if you want. Everything is people dealing with people.


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