CDB Straps replacement strap ends.

Unique, expressive and without equal

In most cases, whether original or replacement, the best you can expect from replacement ends is a special shape or embossing to make the strap end stand out. But what if you want something that really stands out; something that makes people remember you after you’re done performing and looking for your next gig?

That is what CDB Straps offers – something that turns heads.

Being a Rock’n’Roll star is not all glitter; it’s quality, too.

• Each strap end, guitar & shoulder, use brass or brass-plated hardware

• Rivets are used to enhance the appearance of the ends.

• For guitar, each end is approximately 5 inches long

• Shoulder strap ends feature a 2 inch long hook

• The material of the strap end is vegan, nylon and a shell material

• Each end is hand cut and no two are exactly alike.

• Custom options are available – color of stitching, length, nickel-plated hardware and conchos

Although designed for a modular guitar strap, these ends could be used with a standard guitar strap by re-fitting the lead end depending on the how the strap ends is attached.

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