CDB Straps Customer Reviews

The customer service is absolutely outstanding! The product is beautiful and the quality is unmatched! This is my third order from this seller and I will be back again soon! Amazing shipping speed and all of my questions were answered and expectations met!

Thank you Casey for some kind words. This last time, Casey placed a custom order which, obviously, she was happy with. CDB Straps sweats every order, standard or custom, and they never seem to be good enough and every effort is made to make them not just the best that can be done, but better. And if there is a way to make the straps or strap ends better, it will get incorporated.

But yet, part of the charm is that they are handmade and little “quirks” creep in to make each one not quite the same as any other. And everything that CDB Straps does keeps in mind the idea that it is people dealing people and they stuff we don’t like having done to us, we won’t do to others, especially cost-wise

CDB Straps wants to empower people with choices they didn’t have before and at a cost that is reasonable. 

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