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Select your guitar strap ends

Now available from CDB Straps, on, when you buy one of the available guitar straps, you can pick from one of two guitar strap ends at no extra cost. And because of the assembly process, no two gator ends

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Giveaway II – Guitar Strap Ends

Gator Pattern with Concho To enter the giveaway, send an email with your name to: by Friday, November 11, 2016, by 5pm MST The guitar strap end is shown here with the concho, a skull wearing a cowboy hat

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Complete Snake Strap

Here is a picture of the completed snake strap. The ends are snakeskin over a non-tear base with the head liftable to attach the strap end to the guitar. The head section is both bonded to the lower section and

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Guitar Strap Users

‎Joe Berger is a NYC guitarist/engineer with over 38 years of professional experience. He played with rock and jazz legends including John Entwistle, Jack Bruce, Billy Cobham, Jon Anderson, Vangelis, Jon Hammond, Teruo Nakamura & mixed over 35,000 shows, hundreds

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Updated Guitar Strap Ends

Previously the seat belt weave guitar strap end had been made of nylon. This one is made of polyester and has a more pronounced grain to the weave. The ridges are more pronounced and is a 4 band weave as

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Guitar Strap Product Guide

Now available, a small and concise guide to the guitar products offered by CDB to send to your friends and family 🙂 GuitarProduct.pdf

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New – Native pattern guitar strap

The guitar strap is one half of a matched set, guitar and belt being sent to an guitarist in NYC. This was a custom request job and the pattern is not generally available to anyone else for the near future

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