Weave Pattern Matched Strap Set

I call it the Weave pattern and it is a print based on the hippie generation weave and was the first design for CDB Straps. To celebrate that, rather then black strap ends, the strap ends are the wine read material, the stitching is gold and the shoulder strap ends are the extended ones rather then a one-piece metal hook (the metal hook is optional at no extra cost) 

These can be found at Etsy.com


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Guitar Ends with Gold Stitching

These are standard guitar strap ends with gold stitching and an example of the stitching option available with the custom guitar strap ends


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Custom Order Shoulder Bag Strap Ends with Strap

This a custom order I will be shipping out. The strap is the “off-the-shelf” Firerock pattern and has wine red strap ends with black stitching and a copper cactus concho. The cactus has a solid backing to support the copper. The loop, rivets and hook are either brass or brass-plated. The strap ends are each 6 inches long giving the assembled shoulder strap an overall length of 66 inches.

If you’d like something done, check out the custom strap ends page on etsy.com or the custom strap page on etsy.com


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New Matched Strap Set

CDB Straps has added a new guitar & shoulder matched set of straps to the Etsy listings.


Nomad Layers

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Prototype 1″ Wide Mandolin/Ukulele Strap End

This image is the first work up of a 1″ wide mandolin/ukulele strap end. This is the brown version with later versions to be available in black, wine red, gator print along with the brown.


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Copper K Fiber Festival

Think it’s time to try your hand at weaving on an inkle loom?  C R Best Looms/Billie Rawlings is offering a class on July 22, 8:30-11:30 at the Copper K Fiber Festival. ALSO, C R Best Looms will have strap ends from CDB Straps on display and strap ends to be given away at the Copper K Fiber Festival this coming weekend, July 22 & 23, 2017, in Whitehall, Montana. 

For additional info, you can check out the Copper K Facebook page to check out what is happening

There will be a display of my ends, brochures and one set of everything I make to be given away. The guitar strap ends are vegan in nature. They look and feel like leather but they aren’t.


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First Magazine Ad

The magazine, “Threads”, Aug/Sept edition, on pg 80, will feature CDB Straps first ad


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