New Matched Strap Set

CDB Straps has added a new guitar & shoulder matched set of straps to the Etsy listings.


Nomad Layers

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Prototype 1″ Wide Mandolin/Ukulele Strap End

This image is the first work up of a 1″ wide mandolin/ukulele strap end. This is the brown version with later versions to be available in black, wine red, gator print along with the brown.


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Copper K Fiber Festival

Think it’s time to try your hand at weaving on an inkle loom?  C R Best Looms/Billie Rawlings is offering a class on July 22, 8:30-11:30 at the Copper K Fiber Festival. ALSO, C R Best Looms will have strap ends from CDB Straps on display and strap ends to be given away at the Copper K Fiber Festival this coming weekend, July 22 & 23, 2017, in Whitehall, Montana. 

For additional info, you can check out the Copper K Facebook page to check out what is happening

There will be a display of my ends, brochures and one set of everything I make to be given away. The guitar strap ends are vegan in nature. They look and feel like leather but they aren’t.


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First Magazine Ad

The magazine, “Threads”, Aug/Sept edition, on pg 80, will feature CDB Straps first ad


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CDB Straps replacement strap ends.

Unique, expressive and without equal

In most cases, whether original or replacement, the best you can expect from replacement ends is a special shape or embossing to make the strap end stand out. But what if you want something that really stands out; something that makes people remember you after you’re done performing and looking for your next gig?

That is what CDB Straps offers – something that turns heads.

Being a Rock’n’Roll star is not all glitter; it’s quality, too.

• Each strap end, guitar & shoulder, use brass or brass-plated hardware

• Rivets are used to enhance the appearance of the ends.

• For guitar, each end is approximately 5 inches long

• Shoulder strap ends feature a 2 inch long hook

• The material of the strap end is vegan, nylon and a shell material

• Each end is hand cut and no two are exactly alike.

• Custom options are available – color of stitching, length, nickel-plated hardware and conchos

Although designed for a modular guitar strap, these ends could be used with a standard guitar strap by re-fitting the lead end depending on the how the strap ends is attached.

CDB Straps @

Mass set

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Matched Strap Set – Spirit Rider

CDB Straps is not just about money – it is about making money to advance an idea of empowering people with choices they didn’t have before and doing it at a reasonable cost and good quality. 

Up until now CDB Straps has offered separate guitar and shoulder straps. Now those offerings have been combined into a matched set for the first time of guitar strap and shoulder bag strap because even a guitarist has gear to carry and doing it in style appeals to everyone – a style not offered by anyone other person or company.

BUT . . . . the idea is easy to copy and I encourage that. Changing the way people look at say “why not” is important, but responsibly. 

To view the listing on, click here. Stop by, take a look, tell your friends, tell anyone you want. And if you feel like it, buy a set

CDB Straps: Empowering People With Choices They Didn’t Have Before


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European Giveaway

Joe Berger will be traveling again this July, first to Nashville for NAMM and then to Europe (Germany, Norway & Greece)

He will have 5 sets of guitar strap ENDS and one set of Mandolin strap ENDS to giveaway as he sees fit at/or NAMM and in Europe. The guitar ends are 2 inches wide and the mandolin ends are 1 1/2 inches wide. The strap ends are hand-made and totally vegan. They look like leather, feel like leather, but are BETTER!

See what people say about the strap ends 

CDB Straps: Empowering users with choices they didn’t have before


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