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CDB Straps replacement strap ends.

Unique, expressive and without equal In most cases, whether original or replacement, the best you can expect from replacement ends is a special shape or embossing to make the strap end stand out. But what if you want something that

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Special Project

This is a standard shoulder bag stop end fitted out with a special concho that will be headed to a customer in Europe later on to help promote the customer’s items

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Shoulder Bag Strap Ends with Concho

CDB Straps not only makes guitar strap ends that can be purchased by anyone, we also make shoulder strap ends unlike anyone else’s. But what makes CDB Straps unique is the vision of where we are going, and to that

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Create a Personalized Guitar or Shoulder Strap

Create a personalized guitar strap OR shoulder bag strap The process is simple . . . .     1) Pick a background     2) Pick the guitar art     3) Decide on the name to be added

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CDB Straps Philosophy

Why do I sew my strap ends, guitar and shoulder? Peace of mind – mine If you were to cut open a commercially available guitar strap end, you would find all that is holding it together is the stitching, which

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Snake Head Shoulder Strap

Unique, one-of-a-kind, shoulder strap featuring a snake head strap end. The snake skin used is not prohibited for use or import by any country. The design of the strap body features a panorama of the desert around the Superstition Mountains,

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