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New Fabric

This cream fabric was set aside for the exclusive use of CR Best Looms and they have graciously requested that it be made available to everyone. It will be part of the fabric selections for the custom guitar strap ends. Shown

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Copper K Fiber Festival

Think its time to try your weaving hand on an inkle loom? Good, because the Copper K fiber festival is offering a class on July 22, 8:30-11:30 by CR C R Best Looms/Billie Rawlings. Check out our website at

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CR Best Looms

CDB Straps not only creates straps, it makes the strap ends. Strap ends are also sold to 3rd parties for their own straps and to persons who sell their own straps to other people. CDB Straps is proud to be

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CDB Straps Philosophy

Why do I sew my strap ends, guitar and shoulder? Peace of mind – mine If you were to cut open a commercially available guitar strap end, you would find all that is holding it together is the stitching, which

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CDB Straps Display

  This post is about the standalone display of the straps, guitar and shoulder, that CDB Straps offers. The display is intended for use by secondary parties on their store website to advertise and sell CDB designed straps. You can

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CDB Straps New Store Poster

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Spirit Shoulder and Guitar Strap

The Spirit strap for shoulder bag or guitar from CDB Straps is one of the more complex designs used. The spirits surrounding the guitar neck, the stagecoach and ghost rising from it, the mountainous background and the Spirit Rider text. There

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